Key Factors that Determine the Cost of a Security Door

Heavy-duty security doors are the ultimate safeguard for your home, your family and your property. Simpler to install and, often, more affordable and longer-lasting that security systems, security doors have long been a go-to for homeowners looking to keep the “bad guys” out—while, at the same time, adding-on a piece that instantly boosts property value and curb appeal.

That said, prices on security doors can vary from a few hundred doors to a few thousands. So, what ultimately determines the cost of a security door?

The Standard Costs

Most security door pricing is based on a few core factors—specifically, material and labor to install and upgrade the door itself. Those labor costs can vary significantly based on the material and finish grade, plus the size of your door and overall home and doorway structure. In some cases, a property has special needs that can shift labor costs or make certain materials more preferable than others.

Beyond that, there are several premium add-ons, upgrades and additions that could swing the cost of security doors:

#1. Premium Upgrades

There’s a standard, heavy duty security door and then there’s the enhanced model—think add ons like fixed exterior awnings, aluminum frames and painted panels. If you’re looking for something a little more custom along these lines, the cost could increase.

#2. Hardware

While brass deadbolts come standard with many security doors — including ours — some homeowners opt for different options that sync more with their property and its aesthetics. If that’s the case, there could be an additional charge for the actual hardware upgrade and any touch ups associated.

#3. Removal

Have an existing security door? Plan a little extra to cover removal and disposal. Maclin can remove any security door that’s in place ahead of install, and properly dispose of it off-site.

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