Inspiring Ways to Use Your New Sunroom

Whether you’ve recently installed a new sunroom or are in the process of setting the wheels in motion, adding these extended living space to your home is one of the best investments out there — and that’s just the beginning. While boosting your property value is a huge benefit, the real joy of a sunroom is the incredible new space you, your family and your guests get to enjoy. So the big question: what will you do with yours? Sunrooms are versatile and can be used in countless ways including some of our go-to faves…

Second Living Room

A sitting room is one of the most popular ways to use a sunroom. Add a charming settee, some armchairs and a coffee table and voila! You instantly have a new living space ideal for entertaining or, simply, sinking in and enjoying that morning cup of coffee. And, with this extended living space, it’s easy to create inspired homework nooks, reading corners or, simply, another place for the kids to play.

Second Dining Area

Who doesn’t love to dine al fresco? But, especially in the warmer months, the heat, the bugsand the unpredictable weather can keep you and your guests indoors — not ideal. With a sunroom, though, you’re never at the mercy of mother nature. Invite your guests, then kick back and take it all in, without having to worry about the scorching sun, unexpected rain showers or getting eaten alive. And you don’t have to wait for guests either. Add a small table and use your sunroom as a breakfast nook or for a cozy dinner with your family.

Home Office

Dreaming of working on the beach? While we can’t bring the beach to you, we can get your sunroom installed — and, with it, tons of natural light thanks to big windows letting in the sun and the beauty of the great outdoors. Get ready to be recharged and completely inspired in the ultimate home office.

Home Gym

Sunrooms are perfect for any home gym — just install your equipment and go! These spaces have an inherently peaceful atmosphere ideal for yoga, Pilates, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), calisthenics, stretching and more. Add a treadmill, elliptical and other devices, the possibilities are truly endless. Plus, you can throw open to catch the breeze outside, or adjust your thermostat since sunrooms are insulated and have temperature controls.

Master Suite Hideout

Why not add on a second sunroom? Your master bedroom is the perfect place to build an additional property value-boosting spaces. We can build an addition off your master suite specifically for a sunroom and you can use the space any way you please. It’s a great area to enjoy a cup of coffee, have some peace and quiet, spend time with your partner or workout — and it’s a great place to get a dose of natural light in the morning. Feeling inspired? Get in touch for a free consultation and to start building out your dream sunroom.