5 Key Reasons to Get an ATTACHED Carport

If you’ve purchased a home without an attached garage or carport, chances are you’ve spent some time sitting in your car “waiting out” the rain — no one likes to make that mad dash to thefront door, especially not when you’re carrying bags, groceries or small children!

At the end of the day, a detached carport or garage can be a major hindrance to any home or business. Not only does your environment become an issue but, without an attached garage or space, you immediately lose out on storage and organizational areas — i.e. spots to store the winter gear, the bikes and the lawn mower, among other key pieces. But if you’re still on the fence about upgrading to an attached option, read on. These five benefits are among the most common we hear for customers going from a detached to an attached carport.

#1. Insurance Benefits

This is one of the insurance industry’s best-kept secrets: your carport is covered by insurance when it’s attached to your house. Carports are notoriously susceptible to wind and the debris that comes with, making them an insurance nightmare.

The reality? Hurricanes and big storms are a part of life in Tennessee, so we know the drill — pull the pots off the porch, lock and shutter the windows and pull the car into the carport. But, when truly epic weather happens, any damage that happens in a detached carport simply isn’t covered by your policy. The simple solution? Get an attached carport from Maclin Security

#2. Protection from the Elements

Just about everyone loves a good summer rainstorm — but no one loves being trapped in their car while the rain comes pouring down. With a detached carport, that’s the reality every time it rains. However, go attached and you’ll always get inside safe and sound, while protecting your vehicle and other belongings from UV damage, wind and hail.

#3. Make the Most of Your Time

An attached carport will save you time, giving you more minutes to indulge in the things that matter most. Think about it — no more scraping ice off of your car or dealing with the mud and  rain while trying to get out in the AM.

#4. An Investment in Your Home

Adding a garage post-construction is costly, requiring permits and contractor fees while, at the same time, potentially threatening the structural integrity of your property. If you want the benefits of an attached garage or if your garage is overflowing with memorabilia, tools and sporting gear, then an attached carport is the perfect solution. Plus, this addition instantly boosts your property value and helps attract future buyers.

#5. Quick and Easy Installation

Once you decide you’re ready to move forward with your attached carport, Maclin Security Doors can immediately hit the ground running, handling all the heavy lifting that comes with the design and installation process. Attached carports are relatively easy to install and we can complete the project quickly and affordably. Schedule your free consultation now to learn more about our custom design options.