4 Reasons You Need a Security Door

Sure, it would be great to leave your doors unlocked all day and all night—and, maybe, you remember that from decades ago. But the reality? Times have changed and, now more than ever, homes need an added layer of protection, even in the safest-seeming communities. Now more than ever, robbers and burglars prefer to take the path of least resistance into a property—specifically, the front or back door. Your job, then? To keep the bad guys out, by layering in additional protection and turnkey solutions that ensure your family, your home and your possessions stay safe.

Security doors are an easy way to get that next-level security without breaking the bank. With their added weight and, simply, the added barrier they create, security doors are one of the most effective, most efficient ways to safeguard your home. Need another reason to consider security doors? How about five…?

#1. Because they LAST

A steel security door will outlast your home, even. Once it’s installed, you won’t need another ever. That’s because these heavy duty, high tech doors don’t crack, chip, rest or break, even in the harshest conditions.

#2. Because they’re energy efficient

In the warmer months, bolt your security door and leave your main door open, enabling fresh air to circulate throughout your home. And in the winter? That heavy-duty door will insulate your home from the chilly temperatures. Same goes for light—bolt your security door and leave your main door open to let more light enter.

#3. Because they’re easy to install and easy to USE

Security systems are great, but they can be hard to set up and hard to manage—who hasn’t heard the neighbor’s alarm go off in the middle of the night, thanks to a past-curfew teen or, even, stray pet? With a security door, you won’t have to worry about tripping up your system or dealing with the accidental police/fire call. You’ll simply lock your door and go (or stay!). It’s as easy at that.

#4. Because no one’s getting in…period

Security doors are virtually impossible to break through. The end result? Crooks stay OUT, and your family and your possessions stay tucked away safely inside. By having this heavy duty door installed, you’ll be putting a drill-proof barrier in front of your home—a barrier that requires specialized equipment and lots of manpower to get through. If that doesn’t deter a burglar, nothing will.

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